Grief is a connection that has been lost. We grieve those we love, we grieve those we like, we grieve those we hate, and we grieve those we are indifferent to. We grieve the loss of partnerships, businesses, relationships and more. The deep suffering you experienced as your heart was completely broken is excruciating. You feel as if  you could fall down and never get back up….. because what’s the point if everything has shattered to pieces in your current feelings of grief.

I promise you that there is a light within you that you may just not be able to see yet. I am here to guide you on your path to reconnect with your innate light that is already within you whether it be going through grief or the BRCA gene mutation there is a bright future ahead for you.

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"The first time I met Laura, I instantly felt a warmth and kindness that she radiates. With every encounter, Laura was fully present and listened to my whole story with compassion. Laura has offered me incredible knowledge and she has taught me the importance of allowing myself to feel into my grief. She guided me through the expression of my feelings.
Thank you for being apart of my spiritual journey"
- Anastasia Langiano
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I have never equated to someone’s presence as angelic, and Laura’s energy, intention and mission feel angelic. She holds in her heart a purity that only authentic healers own while embodying all that she teaches. She is like my soul sister that I've known forever.
- Tatiana Dudyez
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I am blown away by Laura's support! She has helped me to understand my grief in massive ways and she has gone above and beyond to rekindle my hope. After speaking with Laura you feel like a huge weight has been lifted off your shoulders. Laura has shown me the light out of darkness where I feel at peace with my mother’s passing and know she is with me spiritually. Thank you so much for everything. Your love and Coaching means the world to me! Love you tons!!
- Theresa xo
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“Laura has been an invaluable for me through the difficult speed bumps life has presented to me. Her ongoing guidance has allowed me to stay focused and not get overwhelmed by seriousness of the situation. Laura brought clarity to me as she guided me stay mentally focus on what was truly important in my life... Laura’s coaching has been priceless, and I will be forever grateful.”
- Kim Sandtner
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The work Laura is doing for women going through grief and loss is greatly needed. She is putting a disruption on death and dying and taking away the fear many people experience with the loss of loved ones, to celebrate life. We are happy to have her apart of the Women Who Dare Council.
- Connie Pheiff
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“I am so impressed with the work Laura is doing in the world. Our culture does not prioritize or honor grief. We’re taught to suppress it and move on without fully processing and healing from the pain and trauma we experience in relation to our losses. The perspective that Laura brings to the world is powerful and necessary -especially for female entrepreneurs! Do yourself a favor and work with Laura to transform so you may serve the world fully like you’re meant to.”
- Bri Seeley
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"Laura was the perfect choice for our key note speaker at our event. Laura's speech touched each heart in the audience. Laura's gift that she shares with many women as she coaches them to move forward from the loss of a loved one and guides them to inner peace is truly priceless"
- Sherry Peal
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"Laura Kelly’s speech was truly inspiring as she shared her incredible real-life experience how Breast Cancer has impacted her life. Her confidence and gratitude towards the doctors, lab technologists, and health care system were very impacting on me… I will forever remember Laura’s story
to remind myself how big of an affect my work has on the patient."
- Toronto Michener Institute Student
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To Help You Reclaim Your New Identity After A Loss Of A Family Member While Recreating The Life You're Truly Destine For

We Lead Women Through Their Grief Of Losing A Loved One, To Move Forward & Reclaim Their Life Back.



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