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As hard as it is to lose a loved one in our lives, it opens up a door and gives us an opportunity to live a life that we are truly destined for. I want to share with you five different ways that your life can totally transform after the loss of a loved one and to guide you a little bit down that tunnel towards the light.

3:17 Finding Comfort In Grief Tip #1
The first tip that I would like to share with you today is that we appreciate life on a deeper level. We appreciate the simple things in life, what life really has to offer for us. We have a greater sense of appreciation for what we have. It’s the little things that mean so much, right? Our priorities start to shift. We start to see what’s actually most important in our lives. And we appreciate the simple things in life. Really, like, we really take in all of those beautiful things that we didn’t see before we’ve gone through that loss and really, we don’t take things for granted anymore.

3:55 Finding Comfort In Grief Tip #2
The second tip is we have meaningful, more intimate, deeper relationships with others. We start to see the other person as our self. We start to see the good in other people. We start to look through soul-centered eyes and come from love. And we also don’t take our loved ones for granted anymore because we know that we can lose our loved ones like that. If you have lost a loved one in your life, I would love for you to please post yes down below in the comments. I would love to hear from you. The loss is difficult and it’s hard and it does give us the opportunity to really have close, really meaningful relationships.

5:11 Finding Comfort In Grief Tip #3
The third tip is to discover your personal strength within. We start to discover how strong we really are within ourselves. At first, we may go through that loss of our loved one, we aren’t sure if we’re gonna be able to make it through and to survive and to ever be happy again. But then we start to realize how strong we are within ourselves, and you, my friend, are very strong. You are watching this video and you are seeking and you are discovering how truly strong you are within yourself, so I really hope that you feel proud of yourself right now. We start to feel more confident and independent about ourselves because of what we truly have gone through.

6:00 Finding Comfort In Grief Tip #4
Number four is a new perspective in life and make more meaningful decisions. We can really turn our pain into our purpose. I’ve had some clients that I’ve worked with and they’ve actually left their job that they were working out for like years and years because they just didn’t find the purpose in it anymore. And they started to look at life for what it truly was all about and how precious it was. I mean, life is so short. We might as well wake up every day and enjoy ourselves and do the things that we love.

7:00 Finding Comfort In Grief Tip #5
The fifth one is spiritual growth. We have a deeper sense of faith. We understand really what life is all about. It’s the simple treasures in life that make it so meaningful. We start to have a mind, body, and soul connection. We start to see the importance of that and why it’s so important to be connected. When we’re able to connect to ourselves, we’re able to connect to others, we’re able to connect to the world and to the universe.

It’s all gonna start with you though and you need to make that decision. Are you ready to move out on that spiritual path? Are you ready to do the work and to really start to see what life is all about? You are here for a purpose. And I’m here to help you, so if you have any questions or comments, please post down below. If you loved this video, please subscribe to my channel and be a part of the founders club. This is the beginning of something really special and I’d love for you to be a part of it.

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Tragedy, violence, and loss happen all over the world and sometimes it happens in huge devastation. So, How do we handle when tragedy hits?

Tip #1: How to Cope With Grief in the World 
My first tip for dealing with loss and tragedy over the world is to really lend a helping hand. You know, as unfortunate as the tragedy really is, I do believe that in our DNA we have ingrained compassion and we truly are all here to love and to support and to shine our light on everyone around the world. And really, when we go out and we help someone or help a big tragedy that has happened, it can really help change the world. Lend a helping hand. We’re all here to serve and to love on one another.

Tip #2: How to Cope With Grief in the World 
Number two is seeking help and talk about it. Sometimes it helps to talk to a professional, a mental health professional, a psychiatrist or a coach like myself. It’s important to seek professional help and really talk about it with someone that understands grief, loss and to really let out your feelings, okay? It’s great to talk to your friends and your family but there’s something about talking to a professional.

Tip #3: How to Cope With Grief in the World 
Number three is to be aware of the news. Be careful with how much news you are watching during a mass tragedy. The news is very negative and as much as we want to watch it when there’s a tragedy happening in the world, to get updates and learn more about what’s happening, we need to be aware of how much of that we’re taking in.

I would really encourage you to remove yourself from that cycle when this is happening and to just turn the television off. Try to get into some mindful meditation, breath work, something like that. So just be aware of how much time you’re really indulging in the news. Even every single day, I do not wake up in the morning and turn on the news because the first thing that we put in our minds is usually how the rest of our day unfolds.

Tip #4: How to Cope With Grief in the World 
Your feelings are important. So really let it out, do some journaling. If you need to sit inside the sadness for a while, that’s okay. Honor your feelings. Okay, I can’t recommend that enough.

Tip #5: How to Cope With Grief in the World 
Number five is to take care of yourself. Take care of your needs, your mind, body, and soul. Really try to relax as much as you possibly can. Get some physical activity, go out for a walk. Movement is so important when we are going through deep grief. We can go for a walk, do some Yoga, maybe even just some stretching. Whatever you feel like you can handle. I’m not telling you to go out on a 10k run or anything like that but just get some movement in there, alright? And relaxation exercises, like I just mentioned.

Breathwork, meditation, Yoga, stuff like that, it’s so important. The tragedy is going to happen in the world. I wish that it didn’t always have to happen but it does, it comes up and we just need to try to live from our hearts and understand that this is going to happen. And the best thing we can do is lend a helping hand, come together as a community, talk about it, support each other. Go out and volunteer at a hospital or a shelter or you know, get some things that you can ship into that country or whatever it is.

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Tragedy’s going to happen in the world and it gives us the opportunity to come together as a country, as a community and really spread our love and light on others that are going through such tragedy.

Grief is difficult. It is challenging, and it is like moving out into the unknown. We’ve never experienced life like this without our loved ones.

Today I’m going to be sharing with you 5 things that I wish someone told me before going through the loss of my loved ones.
We’re unsure of where to go, who we really are, and really what to do with our lives without them in it.

My first tip for you is to know that there are a lot of flu-like symptoms when we go through grief. There are a lot of physical symptoms. Our immune system is down, we are under a lot of stress, and we feel exhausted, okay? I had a hard time doing a lot of physical exercise after the loss of my mom. I had a hard time eating. And I did not feel well. I experienced a lot of headaches and fatigue. So know that if you’re experiencing, you know, flu-like symptoms, physical symptoms like aches and pains, that is a part of grief. It just, it’s a part of it, it’s a part of the process.

Tip number two is that there is no right or wrong way to grieve, okay? There is no one size fits all in the grief journey. We have the five stages of grief that Elizabeth Kubler-Ross created, and they are wonderful. But know that there is not a one size fits all for everyone. So whatever you’re experiencing right now is okay; you are exactly where you’re supposed to be.

Tip number three is that the “firsts” hurt the most. The first week, the first anniversary of the loss of your loved one. It could be their birthday or your birthday without them in it. It could be a milestone of yours, like your wedding. You know, when I had my wedding, my mom and dad and my entire family had passed. And it was hard, you know, not having my family members there with me to celebrate one of the biggest days of my life. But I knew that they were there spiritually. And I called upon them, and that’s when I received my gift of the double rainbow. The firsts hurt the most, and know that it’s okay, it’s just a part of the grief journey.

Tip number four is that you will never be the same person that you once were when they were alive. Grief changes you, at exactly the moment that they pass. You will never be that person that you once were. It wakes you up to what life is all about. I know I’m a completely transformed person since my mother passed away. And I took the opportunity to find the best version of myself.

Tip number five is that “Nobody ever told me grief felt so much like fear,” C.S. Lewis said, and it’s true. Grief is scary, and it feels like we are moving out into the unknown. We are unsure of what to expect. You know, what life is going to be like without our loved ones in it.

These are 5 tips that I would like to share with you today because it’s something that I experienced through my grief journey. And I would love for you to share something, you know, that you’ve experienced through your grief. Please share down below. If you loved this video, please share it with others.  Wishing you so much love on your grief journey.

How long does it take to go through the grieving process? When am I going to feel better? When will I get out of this funk?

The truth is, is that everybody takes a different time to go through their grieving process. And there’s no right or wrong way; there’s no exact time frame. As you know, after we go through the loss of a loved one, there are many things that we need to do. So, if you’ve just gone through your loss, you’re probably organizing the funeral arrangements, you’re organizing a lot of paperwork, you’re keeping busy, spending time with friends and family. I mean, we have many activities that we need to do and complete right after the loss of our loved one.

After that period passes, you’re going to find yourself being like, what is next? What’s next in my grieving process? I’m alone; nothing is going on, it’s a different time. So, I suggest the best thing that we can do after we’ve gone through a loss of a loved one is to take time to be with you and spend time with you. Look within yourself on the feelings that are coming up. How are you feeling? We need to feel all the pain to heal from the pain. And sometimes, we tend to run away from the pain because it’s too hard to deal with.

I encourage you to sit in that pain that you are experiencing right now and feel it. I mean, if you need to cry and to scream, to get angry, that’s OK, alright, it takes time. So, I would suggest having compassion for yourself. Practice a lot of self-care. Try to get outside and go for walks. The grieving process is different for everyone. The time frame is different for everyone. And one of the things that helped me through my grieving process was asking myself, what do I need right now, at this moment, to support me through my grieving process?

I would close my eyes, and I would listen to my intuition. So, I invite you right now to close your eyes. Let’s close our eyes for one moment. And ask yourself, what do I need right now to help support me in my grieving process? And take a big, deep breath in and release And I would love for you to share what came up for you. What is going to support you through your grieving process?

Please post in the comments below. And if you have any questions, I am here to serve you.

Our fur babies are just as much a part of the family as other family members. When we go through the loss of a pet, it is devastating.

Research shows that going through the loss of a pet is equivalent to going through the loss of a family member. So today I would like to bring you 5 tips to help you cope through the loss of your animal.

Tips to Deal with the Loss of a Beloved Pet #1
So tip number one is set aside time to grieve and feel all feelings. Feel the emotions, really let them out, take that time. I know it’s difficult to find time in your schedule because we’re all so busy. But we do need to feel them, and we need to let it out. Let anything that’s coming up come out of you. Feel into it.

Tips to Deal with the Loss of a Beloved Pet #2
Tip number two is to reflect upon the life that you shared with your animal. Go back and think of all the memories how they impacted your life how they were there for you no matter what. Our animals are there for us during good times, bad times, sad times. And they love us unconditionally. So really reflecting upon that. You might want even to write your animal a letter. It’s soothing doing something like that as well as storytelling, sharing stories with your friends and family about your animal. It’s really beautiful to be able to share our stories because our stories are very healing. This allows our body to experience gratitude for the time that we shared for our animal.

Tips to Deal with the Loss of a Beloved Pet #3
Tip number three is to continue to meet your basic needs. Make sure you’re fueling your body with the nutritious foods to help you move through the healing journey. We tend to lose our appetite, and also we tend to have a hard time with our sleeping. And our sleep patterns might be put off a little bit. So really taking time to rest, and take care of you because our immune system is always down when we go through a loss.

Tips to Deal with the Loss of a Beloved Pet #4
Tip number four is to practice a calming practice daily. This could be meditation or breath work. These two practices are so beneficial because we tend to experience anxiety when we go through the loss of a pet. And when we do so, it’s really hard to cope and move through on our daily routines. So when we can take some time out in the morning or the evening, and take those big deep breaths in filling the diaphragm. And then releasing, and getting into a meditative state. It will help soothe your mind from all the thoughts that you’re thinking about. Thinking about all the thoughts, that your animal’s no longer with you. And so that will be beneficial for you.

Tips to Deal with the Loss of a Beloved Pet #5
Tip number five is to memorialize the memory and love that you shared with your pet. So what you could do here, is you could actually if you cremated your animal, you could get like a little box, a memory box. And you can put your pet’s ashes in there and then maybe have a little paw print of theirs on the front of the box. And you could decorate it with their collar, or their tags. Whatever you feel like would be nice on that box. And what you can do is you can place that on your mantle with a little picture of them. And that way it’s a beautiful way of honoring the impact your pet had on your life. And it’s a lovely way to remember them.

I hope that these tips have helped you. I know that they’ve helped me in the past. I’ve gone through many losses of fur babies, and it’s not easy. It is difficult. I have two fur babies right now, and I couldn’t even imagine my life without them. They’re like our kids. My husband and I love our fur babies so much. So know that my heart is with you, everything’s going to be okay, you’re going to get through this. If you would like more support or have any questions, please post in the comments below, and I will make sure to get back to you.

I am here today to talk about something really serious that touches my heart.

My heart goes out to you if you’re watching this video, I’m sorry for the loss of your child. I can’t even imagine what it feels like to lose a child. I haven’t gone through a loss of a child in my life. But I have had clients that have gone through that kind of loss, and I see the amount of pain it is for them to go through it.

I want you to know that you are not alone. That many other people have gone through the loss of a child in their lives, and it completely changes everything. I wanted to come to share with you some tools and tips, and 5 ways to cope with the loss of your child today.

How to Cope With The Loss of A Child Tip #1
Tip number one is to stick together as a family. You have gone through a loss of your child and so has the rest of the family. There’s a big hole there, and it’s never going to be filled again with your child, they have passed. And it’s really important that we lean on each one of our family members for support and talk about it. Again you’re not alone in this grief. Use the strength of the belonging of your family to help cope with the situation.

How to Cope With The Loss of A Child Tip #2
Tip number two is to accept help. Accept help from friends, family, the community around you. People are going to want to help you. They feel for you, and they are so sorry for what you’re going through. If somebody wants to come over and bring you something to eat for your family, or to help you around the house, maybe do some cleaning or even yard work, then know that that help is there for you. And also know that it’s not a burden for those people to help you. They want to help you because it helps them feel better about what you’re experiencing.

How to Cope With The Loss of A Child Tip #3
Tip number three is to seek professional help. Don’t go through this by yourself. Sometimes it does help to talk to a professional that isn’t your family or your friends or your community around you. Talk to somebody that understands what you’re going through. And that can provide you with those tools and coping skills to take you through your grief that you’re experiencing.

How to Cope With The Loss of A Child Tip #4
Number four is to stay a family, come together, and honor your loved one by staying together as a family and creating that love bond together. I have seen families break apart throughout my past clients. People come to me, and they say, Laura, my entire family, has broken apart since the loss of my child. What do I do? Well sometimes when we’ve gone through that loss, we tend to separate ourselves from each one of our family members when the best thing that we can do is come together as a family and share that love that we had for our child. Keep that child alive by creating that love bond.

How to Cope With The Loss of A Child Tip #5
Tip number five is to create a memorial team. You can create a team with your family and your friends and your community around you, and raise funds in honor of your loved one that passed. I met this beautiful woman a few weeks ago when I was at the afterlife conference. And she lost her daughter to leukemia, and she was only 18 years old. She watched her daughter pass away before her eyes. And she was devastated, and she still is devastated. And for a way to help her cope is she created this beautiful team, and they come together and in honor of her daughter.

I would encourage you to join a group, and you could join a Facebook group. I’m sure that there are groups around your community, you can go online and look those up. And if you would like any support, or you would like to ask any questions, please post down below, I am here to serve you.

Breakups stink, don’t they?

Today I’m coming to you with 6 ways to grieve the loss of a relationship.

Are you going through a breakup right now? Well, breakups suck, don’t they? I mean your other half is now no longer in your life, and you know we’re having a hard time moving through that loss. Today I’m going to share with you six tips that will help you move through the loss of a relationship.

Grieving the End of a Relationship Tip #1
Tip number one is to feel all feelings. Don’t run away from your feelings. Your feelings are important. And again, we need to feel our feelings to heal. So let them out. Cry, be angry, get upset. I would suggest writing in a journal. Journaling is amazing. It’s a form of therapy, and it lets you get all of those thoughts down on paper.

Grieving the End of a Relationship Tip #2
Tip number two is to workout and get outside. Getting your endorphins pumping after heartbreak is recommended and for a good reason. Going for a run or doing anything active can reduce the stress that you’re experiencing and boost your mood. We can also tend to get in our minds when we’ve gone through a loss of a relationship and ask yourself all these things like why, what if, all of that. When we move our body, we can get out of our head and more into our body, and that’s so good for us.

Grieving the End of a Relationship Tip #3
Tip number three is gratitude. We all have something to be grateful for, and we tend to go to a negative mindset when we’ve gone through a loss of a relationship, and we think of all the things that we don’t have. I encourage you to make a gratitude list of all the things that you truly are grateful for. I mean, I’m sure you’re thankful for your family and your friends that are there for you during the breakup. You’re grateful for the water that you drink. There’s always something to be truly thankful for in life.

Grieving the End of a Relationship Tip #4
Tip number four is to change the music that you’re listening to. We tend to listen to sad songs and things that are really emotional when we’ve gone through loss. The best thing we can do is erase all of those songs and start downloading something inspiring or calming, uplifting. Music is amazing for our bodies, especially when we’ve gone through a loss of a breakup.

Grieving the End of a Relationship Tip #5
Number five, let them go. Let them go. Delete their phone number from your phone. Delete them from social media because you know that you’re going to go on your social media and something from them is going to pop up and it’s going to upset you. Also, be aware of the toxic gossip that can happen after going through a loss of a relationship. We tend to talk negatively and gossip about that person, but that does not serve us at all after losing that relationship you were just in.

Grieving the End of a Relationship Tip #6
Number six is my favorite, love yourself. Love you. This is a time for you to discover who you truly are without that person, time for you to tap into what you want out of your life, what your hobbies are, how you want to feel. This is a time to love you. Show compassion to yourself. Show yourself self-care. Go out and be with your friends. And be with you. Love yourself.

These are a few tips that will help you. They’ve helped me through my past relationships. If these were of service to you, I would love for you to subscribe to my channel, and I wish you all the best luck through the loss of your relationship. You can do this. You are amazing. And you have so much to give someone else that is worthy of your love. So much love to you.

Today, I want to share the five stages of grief with you. And I want you to know that there is no right or wrong way to grieve.

The 5 Stages of Grief #1
The first stage is denial. Denial of the truth of what happened. This is a temporary way for us to cope with a situation. And it does serve us well going through this stage.

The 5 Stages of Grief #2
The second stage is anger. We’re angry about what happened. We are angry at our loved one that has left us all alone. We’re experiencing a lot of anger within ourselves.

The 5 Stages of Grief #3
Next, we move into the third stage, which is bargaining. We try to bargain with the higher power, God, the Universe, and try to believe that they have the power to change a situation.

The 5 Stages of Grief #4
When that doesn’t work, then we move into depression, which is the fourth stage. And we feel depressed. We feel awful.

The 5 Stages of Grief #5
Then, we move into the fifth stage, which is acceptance. And you might not be okay, but you accept the situation for what it is, and you know your loved one is no longer going to be in your life physically, right?

The truth about the five stages is that they’re wonderful. And yes, we do move through them. But we can move through them differently. So you might experience anger at first, or then you might experience acceptance, then go from acceptance to denial. And then, really, we can go through them differently. And this is what I experienced through my grieving process, so I’m sharing this with you.

Know that whatever you’re experiencing, if you think you’re doing it all wrong, you’re not. You are doing it perfectly. It’s just the way that you’re experiencing your grief and coping with it. Also, I wanted to share with you ways that have helped me through my grieving process, really the stages that I went through. So, of course, I went through the five stages, but I did them differently than the actual order of the five.

Through my entire life, I have gone through loss. I lost my entire family to cancer. On January 9th of 2012, I watched my mother take her very last breath in front of my eyes. I watched her leave her body. And I feel like that was a gift to me, that I got to witness my mother’s passing.

Then, when I just turned 28, I removed both of my breasts to a double mastectomy because I had a very high percentage of getting breast cancer. And so, as a woman, removing your breasts, having a double mastectomy, that is a whole other grieving process.

Just recently, I removed my chances of having children. That was a whole other grieving process for me. So I want you to know that I know what pain is. And it hurts. But I knew that I needed to move right through it to find the best version of myself on the other side.

I want you to know that you can do that, too. It is possible for you. Everything that you need within you is there. I know pain, and I’m proud of myself for moving through it. And if you embrace the pain, you will do this, too. You can do this, too. It is possible for you to move through this pain that you’re experiencing. Something else I would like to share with you is don’t compare your grief to others.

Have faith and have hope. You’ve got this. And it’s going to be okay. I know you’ve lost somebody really special in your life, and it’s challenging right now, but have faith. You’re going to be okay. I want you to know that you’re the author of your story. You are the creator of your destiny. There is no better time than now to move through your grieving process. Don’t be afraid.

The world is going to see the person that you truly are, which is kind, compassionate, caring, beautiful, loving, and everything’s going to be okay. Remember, again, you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be. If you have any comments or questions, I’m here to support you. Please post in the comments below.

Today I have a beautiful topic that I would like to speak about. So many people come to me, and they say, “You know, I just lost my mom, I just lost a family member, “and my family is having a tough time. “How can I help them go through their healing, “their grieving process?” Today I’m going to share a few tips with you to help bring your family together.

Ways To Cope As A Grieving Family Tip #1
Tip number one is know that everyone deals with grief and death differently. There is no right or wrong way to grieve. There are ups and downs, it can be full of confusion, and fear and there’s a lot of sadness. It’s a difficult time for everyone.

Ways To Cope As A Grieving Family Tip #2
Number two is open up and talk about it with each other. You know, don’t hide from it, it’s very apparent that you’re loved one has passed away, and everyone’s having a hard time.

Ways To Cope As A Grieving Family Tip #3
Number three is let each other and yourself be vulnerable. Vulnerability is beautiful, and it takes a lot of courage to be vulnerable. You have the permission to grieve. Don’t feel like you need to keep it all together and be strong for everyone else. This is just as hard as it is on you and the rest of your other family members.

Ways To Cope As A Grieving Family Tip #4
Also, if something comes up and you want to share with me, I invite you to share below in the comments. I always come back and look at all the comments, and I will respond to you. Just know that you’re not alone.

Ways To Cope As A Grieving Family Tip #5
Be there for each other and tell each other that, you know, you are here for each other. You could tell like your brother or your sister or your dad or your mom, say, you know, like, mom, dad, like, I am here for you, I want you to know that right now.

Ways To Cope As A Grieving Family Tip #6
Don’t judge anyone for the way that they’re grieving. Everybody deals with it differently. Again, like I just said at the beginning, don’t judge them. It might look like they’re not, you know, feeling emotion, or expressing themselves. But you never know what’s happening behind closed doors in their room or anywhere else.

Ways To Cope As A Grieving Family Tip #7
Take turns cooking, or better yet, cook together. You might want to plan like a family meal where you get together in the kitchen and you all kind of help out. I find that like the kitchen is like a beautiful place to be open and to be yourself and it’s really like the heart of the home.

Ways To Cope As A Grieving Family Tip #8
I encourage you all to, you know, go outside for a walk. Ask somebody to go with you, breathe in the fresh air. Think of the times that you were outside playing together. Or, you know, open up a discussion.

Ways To Cope As A Grieving Family Tip #9
Celebrate your loved one by honoring them on the holidays, on their, you know, the milestones of their death, then maybe their birthday or anniversary. Take time and like honor them on those days and do something special as a family together.

Ways To Cope As A Grieving Family Tip #10
Create a memorial for them. Maybe right after they pass away, I know that I almost on a daily evening basis, I would light a candle for my mom, and I would take some time to talk to her spirit. And, you know, put a picture beside that candle.

There are so many more ways that we can honor our loved ones and then also bring our families together during this time of grief and be aware that, you know, there are two ways this can go. I hope that this can bring your family together, it’s a beautiful time to create a love bond so deep. Enjoy the video now.

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When we grieve, we are suffering. How can grief manifest physically, in our bodies?

Thank you for being here with me today. Today is a topic that I am very passionate about. It’s something that we need to be aware of when we’re going through a grieving process. I get asked this question all the time: How does grief manifest physically?

Whatever you’re experiencing right now, I would love for you to post in the comments below. It would mean a lot to me.

When we are grieving, we are not in alignment at all. We feel unaligned; we feel disconnected. And then when we feel disconnected, our health suffers. So, our life feels incomplete; we feel incomplete within ourselves.

We feel like there’s a hole in our hearts. And physically, psychologically and emotionally, we are suffering. So the number one place that illness manifests is in our heart. Our heart is broken, and our heart is suffering. We might physically feel the pain. But also, our heart feels like it’s being blocked.

Grief and loss, when we are going through unprocessed feelings, it will lead to disease. So this is why it’s so important that we move through our grief, and heal all the emotions, and the pain that shows up for us. But when we block everything in, then it’s going to come out in a different way which isn’t always something nice. So some of these symptoms can be heart-related issues, high blood pressure, high cholesterol. Could be heart attacks, asthma, lung issues. A lot of respiratory issues will form.

And then also, because it’s in this area, breast cancer. So ladies and gentlemen, please do your self-examinations. It’s so important that we take care of ourselves. So if this part of our body is not in alignment, it can be very dangerous. So keeping our heart center, in energetic alignment, needs to be the focus.

So I invite you today, to look within yourself. How are you feeling? Do you think it’s time that you might make an appointment with your doctor, your physician? Just make sure that your health, is not suffering, okay? Be aware of that, our immune systems are down when we are grieving, so take care of you. Sending so much love.

If you have any more questions, please post in the comments below and watch the video now. I always check, and I always respond. I am here for you, and you are not alone in this grief journey. Sending you love.