Part 4: Welcoming in the New Year 2018 and what we can do to get excited for the year to come!!

Happy New Year to all you beautiful souls!! XOXO

Part 3: How to honour your loved one this Christmas that are no longer with you. ️️

The holidays can be particularly difficult grieving a death of a loved one.

Regardless of when the loss occurred, we often feel the absence of a beloved family member, friend, pet most keenly during the Christmas season because our holiday memories, traditions & rituals that involved him or her.

I want to ask you a question: Do you invite them in spiritually even though they are no longer with you in the human form?

It is possible to bring them to life within our memories and honour them during this holiday.

How do you honour your loved ones that are no longer with you?

I had to share this message with you all:

Please do NOT TEXT & DRIVE!

I had a big scare this afternoon as I was crossing the road from just going to the grocery store. A women in a Lexus SUV was texting on her phone and if she didn’t look up in that last minute I might have got seriously injured.
Thank goodness the car came to a dead stop at the moment I rolled over the top and thankfully didn’t get run over.

Please NEVER text and drive. We all have texted and drove before and yes I have also been guilty of this in the past.

Your friends and family can wait for you to text them when your car is in park. A persons life is more important than your cellular device.

I think I have angels watching over me and they protected me from this awful experience.

Please always be safe and aware of your surroundings.

Sending love & light to you during this holiday season.

Big Love XO

Part 1: Are you suppressing your Grief this holiday?

I was! The other evening I decided to watch a holiday movie and bam! There I was sitting in tears and a wave of emotion came upon me. You see, I was keeping myself so busy here in LA and not letting myself think about the Holidays trying to numb them.

Can you relate?

When loss and grief are too much to deal with we stuff our feelings and get on with our lives, trying to live “normally”.

Living with unresolved pain has long-term negative effects on your emotional & physical health.Emotionally we are stuck in the past anchored to our feelings of heartache and we aren’t able to experience new joys, love and dreams.

The physical cost is that you will be prone to illness, injury, infection and disease.

The benefits of releasing your emotions are: More joy, More freedom to love, connection and bonding with the people close to you!

The holidays are tough and if you or you know anyone experiencing grief I am here for support. The thing that Im so grateful for with my work is that I am able to serve others with my gifts which is what I absolutely LOVE to do.

When you FEEL you can HEAL!

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Sat Nam XO

Wow! This year really has been an incredible one. Thank you Facebook for putting together these incredible memories. I am so grateful for all the people that I have spent time with this year and the new friends I have made along this crazy, fun, exciting journey.

Life truly is a blessing and time is the greatest gift you can give anyone.

Who are you spending time with this holiday season?

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