What Are Affirmations? | HEAL ➤ GROW ➤ MANIFEST With Affirmations!

By April 4, 2019 Blog

What are affirmations and how can they help you through your healing journey?

In the past decade, affirmations have become more mainstream. The use of words or phrases to help change your mental outlook has gained a lot of public notice and support to help people.

My mentor and spiritual teacher, Gabby Bernstein, has taught me affirmations have great benefits, and they do. They help you to change your thought process.

So when I started using affirmations, it was when my mother passed. And it helped assist me through my healing journey. These affirmations can be…

“I am exactly where I am supposed to be.”

That was one I used very frequently because sometimes I felt like I wasn’t in alignment and I knew that if I repeated over and over, I am exactly where I am supposed to be, everything was going to be okay and that it would help ground me.

Another affirmation that I like to use is…

“I am always being guided.”

Gabby Bernstein also says, “obstacles are detours in the right direction”, and I do believe that that is very true. I am always being guided.

Another one is, “I am a magnet for greatness.”

And I love Louise Hay, she talked a lot about mirror work, and this is all about affirmations, looking in the mirror, really deeply looking in your soul and saying these repetitively.

I am healing; I am exactly where I am supposed to be, I am a magnet for greatness, I believe in miracles, I bring light with me everywhere I go.

These are just a few examples of affirmations that you might want to start practicing daily. But with consistency and repetition, you will start to believe these. They will become ingrained in you and apart of you.

Affirmations help you reshape your inner dialogue. So when we say them consistently, and incorporate them into our everyday life, we start to begin to truly believe that they are true. And it helps change our thought process within ourselves.

It’s like the area of Law of Attraction, that if said to the universe, it will be at work to provide everything you desire. The power of our thoughts and inner conversations is important in becoming spiritually aligned.

One of my husband and I’s mentors is Rock Thomas, and he says that “the words that follow I AM, follow you.”

And I believe that he is truly right.

I trust this video was of value to you and that you enjoyed it and that you are going to start incorporating affirmations in your everyday life to help you through your healing process.

If you feel called to, I would love for you to share an affirmation down below so I can see what you are practicing.

Please post down below, we’d love to hear from you!

Sending you lots of love. ❤️