Preparing for Loss When A Loved One Has A Terminal Illness

By January 22, 2019 February 16th, 2019 Blog

Does your loved one have a terminal illness and you’re unsure of how to prepare for the end of their life and what to expect?

This is a topic that I’m very passionate about that I think is very important. This is one of the most important times of our lives, when we are there with our loved ones at the end stages and we are truly wanting to be there for them, show up the best that we can, and be there to support them as they transition over into the spirit realm. A lot of the time we don’t address death until it’s on our doorstep. And this is one of the biggest problems that we have in Western society.

TIP #1 that I wanted to share with you is to truly live in the now. Live in the present moment with your loved one, okay? Take it all in. You know, when we are suffering and sad and in depression a lot of the time we’re thinking about the future, and really like being in our imagination and creating all of these thoughts that don’t even exist. We’re creating all this stuff that doesn’t serve us.

TIP #2 that I want to share with you is they are going to have a burst of life at the very end. So, you know, for days before they might be in a deep sleep and they might not talk to you. But there’s going to be that time where they are going to wake up, have energy, and they are gonna want to say to you whatever they want to say to you right before they pass.

TIP #3 and something I would love to share with you is that the last sense that your loved one is going to lose is their hearing. So just because they’re not awake or they don’t wake up doesn’t mean that they don’t hear you. Make sure that you tell them whatever you want to tell them, okay? There’s a very, very, very big chance that they are gonna hear you and their sense is very heightened at that time, too.

TIP #4  for you is to take a chair and put it beside their hospital bed, but face it out the window like you’re not looking at them. You can’t see them. But I want you to have a chair and I want you to face it towards the window, and I want you to sit there in that chair, close your eyes, and feel their presence. So feel their presence in the room with you. Okay, tap into that, feel that connection that you have. Now, after they pass, you are still gonna be able to feel that exact same way.

TIP #5  I would like to share with you today is to let them go and to tell them. Our loved ones wait until they are ready, but they’ll also wait until you give them permission to go. And you know, I gave my mother permission to go the night before, and I said mom, it’s okay, I understand you’re in pain and you’re suffering. Now is your time. It’s time to go. I set you free. I want you to be happy. Please, you’re allowed to go on your journey and be with all the other ones that you miss. Go see them, spend time with them.

I really hope that this video was of value to you and it really does help you through the end stages that you are sharing with your loved one. This is a time for you to really live in the present moment and give this gift to them that you will treasure for the rest of your life. It really is a gift to be with a loved one that is passing.

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