Part 1: Breast Cancer & BRCA Gene Mutation Awareness

By October 11, 2018 February 16th, 2019 Blog

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and as you all know I am very passionate about raising awareness around the BRCA Gene Mutation and Breast Cancer.

I have the honour of interviewing my friend Sharon Newman who has a remarkable story. Sharon carries the BRCA 2 Gene Mutation and while she was in the middle of a study at Women’s College Hospital she discovered she had Breast Cancer.

I encourage you to watch these videos closely and share them with your family and friends. Our health is so important and if we don’t have our health what do we really have?

Please ask any questions you may have down below about the BRCA Gene Mutations or Breast Cancer.

Part 2 will be this upcoming Monday, October 15th at 12pm EST.

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