How To Make Universal Energies Work For YOU!

By April 30, 2019 Blog

How to make universal energies work for you so you can live a life full of happiness, joy, and purpose.

The first one to be aware of is your state of being. Our thoughts, our energy, and our emotions. What is the frequency that you’re putting out into the universe? Is it coming from like a high frequency or is it from a low frequency?

What are you broadcasting out into the universe?

However, we are feeling is what we’re going to attract.

So if our thoughts and emotions are negative and coming from a victimization mentality then you’re going to attract all of that into your life.

But if you are living with a high vibration, you are going to attract all the high vibration things into your life.

The next one is fantasizing. When we fantasize, we are thinking about the things that we want to attract in our lives. So say you went through the loss of a loved one and you miss them dearly, and you would like them to come in and be a part of your life like right now.

You can fantasize about them being there with you. And they are there. The bond is there. Love never dies. So remember that time when you are speaking about your loved ones that have passed over. They are always there.

For example, if you wanted to see yourself speak onstage and share your message with the world or you would want to fantasize about what that looks like and feels like.

So this works for you know travel for love and connection to your family. Who are the people that you see in your life? Along this journey with you. What do you see for your business? Create a vision board. Each section you can put different things that are important to you.

What does that house look like that you’d like to live in? What does that car look like that you wish to drive? Do you want to drive a nice vehicle? What does that vacation look like for you? What does your marriage look like? Is it full of love and happiness and joy and laughter?

The power of manifestation is real stuff. I like taking the time, and I’m broadcasting out into the universe exactly what you want and see for yourself. Spirit is always listening. The universe is always taking order of what you want. It’s like taking your order. The universe is taking your order. Manifestation is powerful.

Next is karma…

Are you pursuing heart-centered work in your life? Are you seeking the right intention or are you chasing the money or are you doing heart-centered work? Before I started doing this work I was chasing the money. I was trying to get by every single day was a new day.

But now I feel purpose in my life. I love what I’m doing … when I wake up I’m helping people every single day. I’m living my purpose for my mission.

So what kind of work are you doing in this world?

Do you feel like it’s a value that you’re really like you’re opening your heart to and doing what you need to do in this world? When we help people, it helps us connect to your heart. It helps us connect to others and helps us feel really good.

Therefore ask from the universe from Spirit and you will receive. If you believe, so it is powerful at what we believe. I encourage you to NOT come from a victim mentality. We have to come from a state of empowerment standing in our power owning our lives, so we are responsible for our reality.

We are the creators of our reality. We can have whatever we want. It just depends on how bad we want it and what kind of work we are willing to put in to achieve that. Believe it is possible and assume it is coming.

Have you ever harnessed Universal energy before? Comment below, I’d love to hear from you.

I’m sending you so much love.