How to Know Your Departed Pets Are Still Nearby (Signs)

By May 14, 2019 May 15th, 2019 Blog

Is it possible to connect with our departed pets?

Today’s topic is a fun one…

And I know that all of you probably have the most beautiful relationships with your animals, or you have lost an animal, and you miss them, and you want to reconnect with your animal in the afterlife. So I created this video for you.

To assure you that they are not gone that they are here and the best way to tune into receiving signs and messages from your fur baby is to have a healthy relationship with whatever it is that you believe in whether it be the universe God.

When we strengthen our intuition, then it is a lot easier for us to connect to the other side whether it be to communicate with your fur babies or your loved ones that have passed over when we have strong negative emotions, like those produced from unsolved grief.

It puts a barrier up to the spirit realm, and it’s tough for us to connect when we are coming from that state. So if we are feeling a low vibration depressed feeling like we are so sad when it’s not serving you to connect with your loved ones. This does create a barrier for your intuitive awareness. So this is why we come from a state of Love state of gratitude of joy.

Coming from the higher vibration then it’s easier for us to receive messages signs and signals from the afterlife. So one of the first things that you can do and that I would encourage you to do is pray for them to come in and to share with you their presents or to experience some visits with them.

If you feel like that’s them visiting you, then you are right. You also might experience some scent that reminds you of your animal. Even physical touch, this could be brushing up beside you while you’re in the kitchen making a tea or you could be sitting on the couch, and you feel like they jumped on you, or you’re in bed, and you feel them at the bottom of your feet.

They can come into your dreams. So at any point in time. And a lot of the time spirit and spirit animals, they’ll try to come into our dreams because it’s the easiest way for them to communicate with us because we’re in an intense state where we’re able to receive messages also objects that you might see your fur babies collar show up somewhere that is unexpected.

Maybe it was misplaced, and you found it. That’s them showing you that pets live on and will communicate with us. They are there on the other. Side, but they’re also there to comfort you and to guide your path as well. So animals also have a very lower frequency of energy. It’s easier for us to connect with another human Souls energy rather than an animal’s because it’s a different frequency.

But if you have a solid intuition if you have like mastered some of your psychic abilities you will be able to connect with them. So I encourage you to keep up your everyday practice keep praying to have faith.

The more we strengthen it, the more we can connect to the other side anyone animal. So whoever it may be as long as you loved them while you were here in the physical world that love Bond Never Dies Love Never Dies. So I hope that you enjoy this video. I hope that it was of service to you and you will connect with your fur babies.

If you have already connected with your fur babies if they’ve shown up in a dream. Or you felt them brush up against you or you’ve heard them now or bark or any of those things, but I would love to hear from you.

Please post down below your experience.

I love hearing about your experiences!

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