How To KNOW Your Departed Loved Ones Are With You

By May 7, 2019 May 11th, 2019 Blog

How do I know that my departed loved ones are still with me here in the physical world?

I’m going to be sharing with you 5 different signs for you to know that your loved one is very much a part of your everyday life.

The love bond never breaks the love bond. Never Dies the spiritual connection the energetic energy.

Sign #1 Your Departed Loved Ones Are With You

Is that you have dreams and your loved one is coming into your, and they look fantastic. They look happy. They look healthy. They are glowing; they are like the best versions of themselves.

Sign #2 Your Departed Loved Ones Are With You

Your loved one comes in telepathically showing us that that they are very much here that they are very much a part of your everyday life.

So when we think of something that’s making us laugh or something that happened when they were alive, that’s them coming in and sharing with you at that moment that you to share.

Sign #3 Your Departed Loved Ones Are With You

You start to find items of their’s randomly. Okay, you could be going through a certain book and find a picture of them. Or you might see some things that they’ve underlined, and they shared a message with you in the margin or for me.

Sign #4 Your Departed Loved Ones Are With You

You start to think about the afterlife you are wondering what happens after this journey is over you might begin to have glimpses of the afterlife and begin to see your loved ones lined up waiting for you on the other side.

They are very much there. And they will be there for you when it’s your time. But right now you are here, and they want you to live in the here and the now and live the best life that you can live if you’re doing them a beautiful service by actually living your purpose living a happy and joyful life.

Because when you aren’t, and you are feeling sad and depressed and down, and you aren’t living your soul’s purpose in this world, it makes them very sad. They lived their lives the best that they could, and now they want you to live your life. So this is your opportunity to get back into alignment and to make them proud.

They would want you to be so happy and joyful.

Sign #5 Your Departed Loved Ones Are With You

You will start to hear their voice. Call your name you ever find yourself maybe walking outside, and you hear like a whisper. It might sound like peaceful or comforting. And you might even feel like it’s your loved one that is on the other side assuring you that everything’s okay.

That is them sending you a message your loved one will whisper your voice and when you hear it be so happy and feel comforted because that’s them showing up for you. I remember after my mother passed away and I got into my car and I turned on the engine. And I felt like my mom was like you go girl.

I could hear her voice, and I knew that that was her right beside me. She was very much a part of that moment. It’s because I was living in the here and the now to when we live in the present moment, it opens up that door to the spirit realm as well.

When we live in alignment, it opens up the door to the spirit realm, and this is why it’s so important. This is why I always talk about getting back into alignment because when we live in alignment, we have the opportunity to live a very connected life to our mind body and soul and not only that we can connect to our loved ones in the afterlife.

As soon as I got back into alignment, it opened up and completely different worlds for me. And I want this for you.

Comment below and let me know what signs you received from your departed loved one.