How to Cope With The Loss of A Child (Heal Your Soul)

By December 27, 2018 February 16th, 2019 Blog

I am here today to talk about something really serious that touches my heart.

My heart goes out to you if you’re watching this video, I’m sorry for the loss of your child. I can’t even imagine what it feels like to lose a child. I haven’t gone through a loss of a child in my life. But I have had clients that have gone through that kind of loss, and I see the amount of pain it is for them to go through it.

I want you to know that you are not alone. That many other people have gone through the loss of a child in their lives, and it completely changes everything. I wanted to come to share with you some tools and tips, and 5 ways to cope with the loss of your child today.

How to Cope With The Loss of A Child Tip #1
Tip number one is to stick together as a family. You have gone through a loss of your child and so has the rest of the family. There’s a big hole there, and it’s never going to be filled again with your child, they have passed. And it’s really important that we lean on each one of our family members for support and talk about it. Again you’re not alone in this grief. Use the strength of the belonging of your family to help cope with the situation.

How to Cope With The Loss of A Child Tip #2
Tip number two is to accept help. Accept help from friends, family, the community around you. People are going to want to help you. They feel for you, and they are so sorry for what you’re going through. If somebody wants to come over and bring you something to eat for your family, or to help you around the house, maybe do some cleaning or even yard work, then know that that help is there for you. And also know that it’s not a burden for those people to help you. They want to help you because it helps them feel better about what you’re experiencing.

How to Cope With The Loss of A Child Tip #3
Tip number three is to seek professional help. Don’t go through this by yourself. Sometimes it does help to talk to a professional that isn’t your family or your friends or your community around you. Talk to somebody that understands what you’re going through. And that can provide you with those tools and coping skills to take you through your grief that you’re experiencing.

How to Cope With The Loss of A Child Tip #4
Number four is to stay a family, come together, and honor your loved one by staying together as a family and creating that love bond together. I have seen families break apart throughout my past clients. People come to me, and they say, Laura, my entire family, has broken apart since the loss of my child. What do I do? Well sometimes when we’ve gone through that loss, we tend to separate ourselves from each one of our family members when the best thing that we can do is come together as a family and share that love that we had for our child. Keep that child alive by creating that love bond.

How to Cope With The Loss of A Child Tip #5
Tip number five is to create a memorial team. You can create a team with your family and your friends and your community around you, and raise funds in honor of your loved one that passed. I met this beautiful woman a few weeks ago when I was at the afterlife conference. And she lost her daughter to leukemia, and she was only 18 years old. She watched her daughter pass away before her eyes. And she was devastated, and she still is devastated. And for a way to help her cope is she created this beautiful team, and they come together and in honor of her daughter.

I would encourage you to join a group, and you could join a Facebook group. I’m sure that there are groups around your community, you can go online and look those up. And if you would like any support, or you would like to ask any questions, please post down below, I am here to serve you.