How To Connect With Your Spirit Guides Instantly

By February 19, 2019 February 21st, 2019 Blog

Today we’re going to talk all about spirit guides, and what you can say and do to connect with your guides any time!

We all have spirit guides, angels, beings of light that support us, guide us, and protect us. It is said that we have an angel on either side of us that is always watching over us and there to protect us.

We always have a relationship with these guides, but it’s whether or not that we want to create a dialogue with them and to ask their presence to be known. We can open up and start believing that our guides are with us. It’s the misbelief that puts the block up there and blocks us from really connecting with our spirit guides. Your guides are always supporting you, guiding your way.

I would like to now get into practice for you so you can start learning to connect with your guides on a deeper level so that you can communicate with them more. I have six steps for you.

STEP #1 is to have faith. Have faith that there is a relationship that you have with your guide. They are always there with you.

STEP #2 is to ask your guides for help, from a place of allowing and openness so you can say, “Thank you, guides of the highest truth and compassion, “for leading my way. “Thank you, guides, for healing me and protecting me “throughout my healing journey. “Thank you, guides, for always supporting me “throughout my biggest challenges.”

Whatever that you want to thank them for ask them. Ask them for help. Ask them for whatever you have on your mind. They are there with you; they will hear those words.

STEP #3 is to step into meditation. Feel the presence of your guides. They will come into your meditation, and they could send you tingling in your legs and your arms. You could maybe feel this, all of a sudden this warm feeling throughout your body. You may also feel completely at ease.

And those are your guides and your angels that are making you and helping you feel at ease, and living and being in the now of your meditation.

STEP #4 that I would like you to do is ask and hear for their guidance. You will either get this through an inner knowing, it could be through a whisper, or it could even be as you’re writing in your journal. You will hear that, their guidance.

STEP #5 after that is I would love for you to do a writing exercise, where you get a sheet of paper, and you write on the top of the paper, “Thank you, guides of the highest truth and compassion, “for writing through me,” and just put your pen to your paper and just start free writing. Just start free writing away and see what comes out on that paper. You will be very surprised when you’re doing this very openly. Pretty cool.

STEP #6 is to ask for a sign, ask for a distinct sign. You could say, “Guides of the highest truth and compassion, “please show me a rainbow, please show me a dime, “please show me an eagle if I am on the right track,” and ask for a distinct sign. They will send you that sign, so be present and conscious of that.

Another cool tip is that our children and our animals, they see our guides and angels all the time because they haven’t put up that block of disbelief.

If you would like to share with me your guide’s name, or share with me an experience down below, I would love to hear your story. I’m really glad to have you here. If you loved this video, please subscribe to my channel below.

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I am sending you so much love and light. Enjoy the time that you get to spend with your angels and guides; they are always with you.