Healing Through the Heart Chakra ❤️ (Tap Into Your Heart Instantly)

By February 16, 2019 Blog

What is the heart chakra and how can healing it help you with your grief?

The heart chakra colors our lives with compassion, love, and beauty. It is our ability here to love. We are all loving, compassionate human beings and when we go through the loss of a loved one or something traumatic in our life our hearts can be extremely affected and our heart chakra can be really off balance.

You know the expression my heart is broken, that’s how a lot of us feel after we’ve gone through the loss of a loved one, right. So that’s why it’s important that we do a lot of heart chakra healing. So the heart chakra is the fourth chakra, and the color of the heart chakra is green, and the location of the heart chakra is the center of the chest just above the heart. So actually it’s exactly where my necklace is sitting is where the heart chakra is. Of all the chakras, the heart chakra is central to our ability to give and receive love.

Life experiences and issues that can impact the fourth chakra include loss of a loved one could be divorce, abandonment, emotional abuse, rejection, certain things like that, okay. Tremendously our heart chakra can be affected. And love comes in three different sources. Love comes from others like our husbands, our wives, our friends and family, and then love also comes from us within us which is self-love. Then love also comes from the Universe which is divine love, the Universe, okay. The Universe sends love all the time. When we love and forgive ourselves and others, it is central for our healing and it also really helps us release blockages that are within our heart chakra.

Holding on to resentments from the past hurts ourselves the most it’s important for us to release them. And this is where the heart chakra healing work comes in. Finding the lesson in a painful experience and releasing the grievance has tremendous healing effects. So it takes time to get there, all right. You can do a lot of energy work, heart chakra, therapy, healing, healing of the heart chakra, healing of all the chakras, really getting back into alignment. So by healing your heart chakra, you’ll start having the understanding of yourself and who you are here in the world which is an amazing feeling. And a balanced heart chakra makes you feel deep compassion for others on Earth, and you’ll experience infinite love flowing through you and also be able to have self-love for yourself.

By healing your heart chakra, you will be a more compassionate and more responsive to the suffering of others. And it can also make us appreciate our blessings more. So I would suggest going out there and getting some healing your heart chakra doing some energy work. By really healing that heart chakra you are going to feel so much better. You are going to feel relief from all of that pain you’ve been holding on to.

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