7 Powerful Ways To Improve Your Relationship With Your Higher Self

By April 19, 2019 Blog

Do you have a relationship with your higher self?

Today we’re going to talk all about our higher self, and how we can improve our relationship with our higher self.

Our higher self is all-knowing. Our higher self is our intuition, our collective consciousness.

Our higher self is connected to the divine. You could call it like your inner angel for example. So today I’m going to share you 7 ways to improve your connection with your higher-self.

Vibrational State To Improve Your Connection To Your Higher-Self

Are you vibing at a high level?

Or are you vibing at a low level? What are you broadcasting out into the universe? When our frequency is vibing out high, we are going to track all the things that we would like and desire in our lives, but if we’re vibing at low energy, low energy center, we tend to feel uneasy about life.

We experience anxiety. We also attract people that aren’t bringing us up in our lives. So being aware of our state of being what is your vibrational state broadcasting out into the universe.

Improve Your Connection With Your Higher-Self Is Your Truth

Are you living your truth? Do you feel like when you wake up every day, you are living your absolute life purpose? Do you feel like you are in alignment? Are you living everything that you want to be in this world?

Are you living that full purpose? Also, another way to tell is if you are in a relationship that feels like you are with your soulmate, are you living your truth with your other half, your husband or your wife?

Remove Toxins To Improve Your Connection To Your Higher-Self

Are you smoking cigarettes? Are you drinking alcohol? Are you taking drugs, prescription drugs?

When you are doing these kinds of things when you are polluting your body your vessel that’s holding your soul, you’re opening up the door for dark to come in, and that’s not good.

Being aware of what you’re putting in your body what kind of toxins are you putting in your body that are dimming your light, it’s just something to think about.

Fueling Our Bodies To Improve Your Connection To Your Higher-Self

We need to watch how we’re fueling our bodies, our vessels. Are you putting in all the high vibrational foods? Are you eating clean? Do you drink clean water?

How about moving your body and exercising?

And getting your heart rate up. When you are doing all these things, and if you are like congratulations, this is amazing. Your spirit guides your higher-self. They are all beside clapping and cheering you on. They want this for you.

Meditate To Improve Your Connection To Your Higher-Self

That is just fantastic, is meditation. Meditation is amazing, and it’s a great way to improve the connection with your higher-self. When we sit in meditation, we sit quietly, and we quiet our mind, and when we quiet our mind, we open up the door to connecting to spirit, and we can invite spirit in.

Check Your Ego To Improve Your Connection To Your Higher-Self

Be aware of your ego. Is that car you? Are you driving that car because you truly feel in alignment with it? Are you driving that car to get attention to prove something about yourself?

To show that you’ve made it. Watch your ego. How are you living? Are you living from your heart? Are you loving from ego-based mentality?

It’s really like being authentic, really, truly living your truth, being authentic, being yourself. It’s not all about the material things.

Cast LOVE Wherever You Go To Improve Your Connection To Your Higher-Self

What really matters to you? Love, service to others and healing ourselves we’re able to heal others. This brings me to the last tip, which is cast love out wherever you go.

This is something that will improve your connection to your higher self — sending out love, sending out love to others, sending love to yourself, living from your heart, being in a loving state and serving others, showing each other love. Your higher self is your best friend.

I encourage you now to take all of these steps and practice them, practice them and see how your bond to your higher self develops beautifully.

Please leave a comment below… What do you do to connect with your higher-self?

Sending you love!