7 Fun & Simple Ways To Connect With Your Spirit Guides

By May 2, 2019 May 3rd, 2019 Blog

I’m going to share seven fun and simple ways to connect with our spirit guides.

I have 7 steps for you today, and I’d love for you to come in with an open mind.

Step #1 to connect with spirit guides is ask

Our spirit guides can help us at any time any moment through any heartbreak. The loss of a loved one. Our darkest times when we are stepping out into our courage and our purpose. They can always be there, and they are by your side, but they can’t help you unless you ask them to assist you.

So go ahead and invite them in and ask them.

Step #2 is to be unattached to the outcome

We all tend to like to think that we’re going to see them in like this white figure. We have certain expectations on how we’re going to see our spirit guides. So we have to release that and trust that they are going to show us in some way shape or form.

Step #3 is to do a guided meditation

These are amazing, and this is how I met my spirit guides.

I just spoke to mine a few weeks ago, and I discovered his name for the first time. So this was cool. While I was in meditation, I asked them to show themselves and to tell me their names. One of them came across, and their name is Jasper.

It’s a little boy that is there guiding my path, and he has so much fun doing these meditations allows them to connect with you. The more you meditate, the more you ask them to reveal themselves. You can connect with them, and it’s a beautiful way, and it’s really fun.

Step # 4 is to create a spirit guide guidance box

What we can do is we can get a little box, and we can write a little question to our guides on a little piece of paper, and we can fold it up and put it in the box. And this way it opens up the opportunity to get your question answered by your guide ā€” pretty cool stuff. So wait for it. You will get the answer.

Step # 5 is to ask them for a sign

I always tend to get feathers when I ask for a sign for my guides. But it shows up in different ways all the time. So as soon as you believe that that’s a sign from your guides when you have that feeling that that’s from your guides.

Step # 6 to connect with spirit guides is intuitive writing

I tend to like to do this after my meditation after I’ve already called them into the visit as soon as I finish that meditation I free right. I take my journal, put my pen to paper, and I just let my hand flow.

And it’s amazing what shows up on that paper. Some of the things I would never even say. So that shows me that that is from my guides are okay you can also ask them to come into your dreams. Our guides have the opportunity to come into our dreams. Before you go to bed, ask them to come into your dreams and give you some direction.

Tip n# 7 is call in your spiritual team

We all have a spiritual team. They are always there to help guide you. So if you’re doing like something bigger that is like out of your comfort zone or you’re going through a tough time in your life. Call in your spiritual team at any given moment.

This is so important… I have a certain part on my vision board where it’s all the faces of my spiritual team. All my loved ones that have passed over. All the people that I know and believe that are on my spiritual team helping guide my path. They will always come through.

Believe in yourself believe in your guides. They are there to serve you. Guide your way and support you through some of the obstacles in your lives.

They are also there to celebrate with you too. And when you are celebrating yourself to ask them to come in and celebrate with you.

I’d love to hear how you are doing with your connection with your guides.

Have you been connecting?

What’s your experience like?

Comment below, I’d love to hear from you!