5 Ways To Connect With Your Loved One In The Afterlife

By February 16, 2019 Blog

I’m going to share with you five tips and five ways to connect with your loved one in the afterlife.

Tip #1 is to activate your heart chakra. And tap into your heart. Feel into the way you are truly feeling about your loved one. Feel into it. Get emotional if you have to. But think and come from your heart center. When you tap into that chakra and think about your loved one, you’re creating a cord that attaches to your loved one in the spirit realm. This is a beautiful way to start any practice to connect with your loved one.

Tip #2 is to believe in your dreams. When you go to bed, you can ask your loved one to visit you. And you know, you’ll wake up the next day, and you’ll have a completely different feeling like, oh my goodness, I think I was spending time with my loved one last night. And you’ll feel different.

You’ll feel like you did spend that time with them, and believe that you are because they come and they try to send you messages throughout your dreams, too. I have a clear direction in my dreams for my loved ones that have passed over all the time when I invite them in. So be aware of that.

Tip #3 is to talk to them out loud. I used to do this all the time after she passed away. And I still do. And you know when you speak out loud to them, they hear you. They do. And I found that my deepest connection was when I would be outside. And I would be going for a walk. And I would talk to my mom out loud and ask her questions.

I would say, you know, would you mind giving me a distinct sign to know that you are here with me. So when you ask for a clear sign, they will send it to you. They will get it to you in some way. All you have to do is be conscious towards that. So don’t be afraid to talk out loud do your loved one. They will hear you.

Tip #4 is meditation exercises. My clients love the exercises that I give them. I give them these meditations where they’re able to go into deep meditation and connect with their loved ones that have passed over. They are able to ask them certain questions that they would like or ask their loved one for direction. And it does help you heal things that you might even have on your mind still after they passed over. So doing meditation exercises is one of the best ways to connect with our loved ones.

Tip #5  is holding an object that once was theirs. Okay, if they are holding an object. Say it was one of those pocket watches or a pen that they always carried with them, something that meant a lot to them. You can hold the object, and it’s like a line that connects you from your energy to theirs. And when you carry it with you, you can feel a connection. So for example, my mom carried a pendulum with her everywhere. She carried it and asked it questions about business, life, relationships, and it did guide her path throughout her life.

And when she passed over, I found great comfort in carrying that pendulum with me everywhere I went. And it helped lead my path. And I felt like when I asked it questions; it was from the spirit and my mom. So it was so comforting. It was a way to connect with her even though she wasn’t here physically, and I couldn’t see her.

There are so many ways to connect with your loved ones that have passed over. I hope that this video was of value to you. I’d love to hear ways that you connect with your loved ones that have transitioned. So if you love this video, please like down below. Please subscribe to my channel and share it with your friends and family. And I will be on with you next week. Thank you.

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