5 Tips to Deal with the Loss of a Beloved Pet

By January 1, 2019 February 15th, 2019 Blog

Our fur babies are just as much a part of the family as other family members. When we go through the loss of a pet, it is devastating.

Research shows that going through the loss of a pet is equivalent to going through the loss of a family member. So today I would like to bring you 5 tips to help you cope through the loss of your animal.

Tips to Deal with the Loss of a Beloved Pet #1
So tip number one is set aside time to grieve and feel all feelings. Feel the emotions, really let them out, take that time. I know it’s difficult to find time in your schedule because we’re all so busy. But we do need to feel them, and we need to let it out. Let anything that’s coming up come out of you. Feel into it.

Tips to Deal with the Loss of a Beloved Pet #2
Tip number two is to reflect upon the life that you shared with your animal. Go back and think of all the memories how they impacted your life how they were there for you no matter what. Our animals are there for us during good times, bad times, sad times. And they love us unconditionally. So really reflecting upon that. You might want even to write your animal a letter. It’s soothing doing something like that as well as storytelling, sharing stories with your friends and family about your animal. It’s really beautiful to be able to share our stories because our stories are very healing. This allows our body to experience gratitude for the time that we shared for our animal.

Tips to Deal with the Loss of a Beloved Pet #3
Tip number three is to continue to meet your basic needs. Make sure you’re fueling your body with the nutritious foods to help you move through the healing journey. We tend to lose our appetite, and also we tend to have a hard time with our sleeping. And our sleep patterns might be put off a little bit. So really taking time to rest, and take care of you because our immune system is always down when we go through a loss.

Tips to Deal with the Loss of a Beloved Pet #4
Tip number four is to practice a calming practice daily. This could be meditation or breath work. These two practices are so beneficial because we tend to experience anxiety when we go through the loss of a pet. And when we do so, it’s really hard to cope and move through on our daily routines. So when we can take some time out in the morning or the evening, and take those big deep breaths in filling the diaphragm. And then releasing, and getting into a meditative state. It will help soothe your mind from all the thoughts that you’re thinking about. Thinking about all the thoughts, that your animal’s no longer with you. And so that will be beneficial for you.

Tips to Deal with the Loss of a Beloved Pet #5
Tip number five is to memorialize the memory and love that you shared with your pet. So what you could do here, is you could actually if you cremated your animal, you could get like a little box, a memory box. And you can put your pet’s ashes in there and then maybe have a little paw print of theirs on the front of the box. And you could decorate it with their collar, or their tags. Whatever you feel like would be nice on that box. And what you can do is you can place that on your mantle with a little picture of them. And that way it’s a beautiful way of honoring the impact your pet had on your life. And it’s a lovely way to remember them.

I hope that these tips have helped you. I know that they’ve helped me in the past. I’ve gone through many losses of fur babies, and it’s not easy. It is difficult. I have two fur babies right now, and I couldn’t even imagine my life without them. They’re like our kids. My husband and I love our fur babies so much. So know that my heart is with you, everything’s going to be okay, you’re going to get through this. If you would like more support or have any questions, please post in the comments below, and I will make sure to get back to you.