4 (Surprising) Ways Our Spirit Guides Help Us Every Day!

By April 23, 2019 April 25th, 2019 Blog

Have you ever received help from your spirit guides?

Today I’m going to share with you four ways our spirit guides assist us and help us through our lives.

The 1st Way Our Spirit Guide Help Us

Is our career! Our spirit guides are always with us, and when we call upon them and ask them to help us with our career, they will help guide us to find exactly what we are supposed to do here in the world.

The other side, really helps us have guidance, really leads us in the right direction to find that deeper purpose, that bigger meaning to what we are here to do in this world.

The 2nd Way Our Spirit Guide Help Us

Is our relationships and friendships! You’ll start to notice that people will be leaving your life and then other people will be coming into your life. And this is all perfect when we call upon our guides to help throughout our lives; they are going to be very aware and protect you from different energies.

If you are taking care of yourself, and you’re vibing high, and you’re helping others, they’re going to bring other people into your life to help bring up your vibrations, to help you feel good, to support you, to inspire you.

The 3rd Way Our Spirit Guide Help Us

Is our soul! Our spirit guides help us step out, and to share our truth, to live in our truth. And to shine our light upon everybody that’s here in the world. They help us come out and live our truth. They also help us accept ourselves and love ourselves.

The 4th Way Our Spirit Guide Help Us

Is our self-confidence! If you were just like me you struggled with self-confidence, and I felt like a turtle in my shell, and I was afraid to share my story. I was afraid of being judged by others. So really calling upon our spirit guides to help assist us and to show us that we do have that self-confidence.

Just know your spirit guides are helping you with this whole journey that you’re on, so don’t be afraid to call upon them.

I would like for you to comment down below if you are going to start calling upon your guides to help you in these areas of your life.

I’m sending you so much love, so much light and have a beautiful day.