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By April 2, 2019 April 3rd, 2019 Blog

How do we get back into spiritual alignment so you can live on purpose?

Alignment is our natural state of being, but when we’ve gone through something traumatic, we’ve gone through the loss of a loved one, or something completely has shifted in our lives we tend to get thrown off track of living in alignment with who we truly are as a person and things start to feel awful.

Tip #1 To Spiritual Alignment

My first tip for getting back into alignment with who you truly are is gratitude. We all have something to be grateful for. When we are going through the loss of a loved one or something traumatic has happened to us, we tend to really move into the negative thought patterns and those negative thought patterns are not serving us at all.

It’s best to really move into gratitude and to really think of the things that we truly are grateful for right now in our life. We all have something to be truly grateful for. You can practice this at any moment when you find your mind, you know, moving into the negative thought patterns.

You can say, okay, I’m gonna stop right now and I’m gonna practice a little bit of gratitude. You could be grateful for the beautiful glass of water that you’re drinking, the warm house that you’re in amongst the freezing cold winter.

Tip #2 To Spiritual Alignment

The next tip is diet and exercise. Our bodies are holding our soul and it’s so important that we fuel our bodies with those healthy nutritious foods, all the fruits, and the vegetables. Stay away from those processed foods. When we are living in spiritual alignment our bodies don’t even crave those processed foods, the junk foods, the sugar.

Our bodies will actually crave those really beautiful green kale leaves, those green smoothies, the delicious organic apple, all the things that are really good for our bodies that will help us live with a clear mind and help us have a substantial amount of energy so we’re able to get through the day with a clear head and feel really energetic in this vessel that, you know, is holding our soul.

Also, exercise is so important. Lift some weights. Get out and go for a jog or a beautiful walk out in nature. Maybe practice some yoga or Pilates or something like that.

Tip #3 To Spiritual Alignment

When we’re living in spiritual alignment we want to achieve the best possible version of ourselves and this is gonna move me into the third tip. When we are living in spiritual alignment our best version of yourself is brought out.

We have a really deep connection with our relationships, connection with our mind, body, and soul. Our jobs are like on purpose. Everything falls into alignment and that’s when we are at our best. That’s when we feel our best. That’s when we really feel ourselves. We can be our true, authentic selves. We don’t need to be somebody that we think we need to be.

If you have any questions at all about spiritual alignment, please post in the comments below and if you are looking to really get back into alignment with yourself I would love for you to post a big yes in the comments and then I know that that’s what you’re striving for.

You can actually dedicate to the universe today that that is what you are going to achieve. If you love this video, please subscribe to my channel below and be a part of something really special and also share with your friends and family.

This is a message that needs to get out there as a lot of us are sleepwalking. We’re not sure what our purpose is and why we’re even here on this planet.

We are all here to live on purpose and be happy and joyful and feel good.

What’s your Purpose?

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