Grief Coaching

You have experienced a significant loss.

A loss so big it’s hard to comprehend how you could ever move past the hurt, pain, and suffering. The darkness in your heart permeates every moment of your day with a wrenching pain that is experienced on both physical and emotional levels. You can’t help but believe there is no way out.

Losing something important in your life brings up feelings of hopelessness that life will never be the same again, shock that results in confusion about your future and the overwhelming inability to accept reality. This drastic change has triggered the realization that some major adjustments need to happen in your life, whether you want them to or not.

The reality is that change, loss, and hardships are difficult to go through and can leave you feeling alone and confused – completely unsure where, what, or why this has happened. The abandonment haunts you. Your days feel like someone has put metaphorical boards up on all the windows and doors of a home and just walked away. You can hear the emptiness. Your life is marked by immense quiet, and an eerie silence, giving you an unsettling feeling as if cold air is passing through your body magnifying your tension and fears.

You live with a perpetual lump in your throat; the constant threat of your emotions bubbling over and the inevitability of tears exploding at a moment’s notice. You are on edge trying to navigate the unknown roadmap ahead of you – concurrently stuffing your feelings down, putting on an “I’m fine” face, and being strong for other people because you’re not allowed to grieve. You don’t want anyone to experience or witness your sadness but you can hardly face another day of the pain, darkness and emptiness.

You are caught in a spiral of confusion, lack of energy (as if your body has been physically drained) and the crying spells you are experience are uncontrollable. It is never ending.Your inability to sit still. Your struggle to think clearly. Perpetual reminders of how things were are making you feel like you are living in a nightmare that you will never be able to come out of.

Grief is a connection that has been lost. We grieve those we love, we grieve those we like, we grieve those we hate, and we grieve those we are indifferent to. We grieve the loss of partnerships, businesses, relationships and more. The deep suffering you experienced as your heart was completely broken is excruciating. You feel as if you could fall down and never get back up….. because what’s the point if everything has shattered to pieces in your current feelings of grief.

What does it look like to go through the darkness of grief? I don’t mean running from it or fighting it. I mean moving through it by deeply feeling the loss because the only way out of pain is to move through it.

You can’t heal what you refuse to feel.

Peace is possible again, but it’s hard to see the light through the fog of the emotions you are feeling. The unanswered questions, your complete emptiness and fear for the future.

You don’t have a say in experiencing things like death or endings, but you do have a choice in how you respond to them. You can choose to be victimized by this experience or you can choose to have power again in your life.

Are you willing to settle for feelings of anxiety and deep rooted pain from your loss? Or would you rather take the first step in changing your whole life ahead of you in order to live a life full of energy, passion, joy and peace?

What would it look like for you to stop giving your pain the power to rule your life? What if, by allowing yourself to grieve, you could honour the departures, celebrate life and find acceptance in your losses, instead of continuing to live in the darkness?

What are you sacrificing in your life as a result of remaining in this place of paralyzing grief?

It is possible to find your power again and not remain devoted to the loss you’ve experienced, and it all starts with a change in your perspective. A transformation that supports you in feeling, processing, healing and honouring your traumas, instead of being a slave to them.

But where do you even start?

I know that from your current perspective, it’s difficult to see how this pain and loss could be a positive experience. I promise you it is, but you will never be able to see it if you don’t allow yourself to grieve.

Grieving has been shown to help us on our journey to self-actualization. Marianne Williams quotes, “In having the courage to face our suffering-to endure it, to learn from it, to process it, to transcend it – we often find keys to living our lives in the most powerful way. As there is mastery in learning how to play the piano or perform any skill, there is a mastery in learning how to live life well. And learning how to navigate life’s most turbulent moments is simply part of the journey. Few people emerge from the human experience unscathed. Yet we can often gain miraculous insights from our sadness, and avoiding the pain is avoiding the gain.”

Your wounds and your greatest challenges are your opportunity for your greatest growth. Life is not about what happens to you, it’s about what you choose to do with those experiences and who you become on the other side of it all.

You can choose to live with fear and anxiety or you can choose to heal and open up to the opportunity to live a life full of happiness, joy, passion and love.

This is your chance to find peace and move through your darkness. The beautiful vibrant colours of passion, peace, love and enlightenment are waiting for you on the other side of your grief.

Are you ready to see them?

Life is full of doors closing and new ones opening. Your current experience is not all there is to life. There is so much more available to you than staying in this state of heartbreak. If you keep fighting the pain you will stay stuck exactly where you are. And before you know it, months, years and even decades will have passed and you’ll be replaying the same anger, heartbreak and denial.

What if you were to begin to see these doors closing as part of the cycle of life, instead of a massive culmination or ending? Life is a continuum. Now is the time to harness the power of your loss to become a stronger women. Heal your loss and you heal your soul.

No matter what you have been through, I am here to show you how this too will make you stronger, more resilient and at peace with life – and create a life where you can live full of abundance, love, compassion, joy and happiness. When you awaken to your true nature, your mind will no longer look at the emptiness, but instead focus on the miraculous nature of what has passed, what is here and what is yet to come..

I will show you how to move through your loss and heal your grief which will in turn open you up to pure happiness and alignment in your soul.

There is no shame in what you have experienced. We all hold onto our pain and trauma {oftentimes without even knowing}. But by releasing and letting them go it will allow you to shed those old, outdated layers of yourself and be reborn into your true authentic you.

The experience of enlightenment is already within you – it just needs space to be revealed so that you can see the true colours of yourself and you receive the gift of a different perspective on life.

Healing your grief will support you in honouring the full depth of your human experience, not just the pretty stuff. It also builds within you the resiliency to deal with loss and pain. It’s not just about slapping the bandaid of happiness on, it’s about facing whatever is in your experience in every moment regardless if it’s a “happy” or a “sad”.

Can you imagine your life after grief?

Give yourself the time and space to honour the feelings that you are currently suppressing. Allow yourself to understand the depth and cause of your feelings, because bundling them up and denying them will not do you any good. The pattern of holding onto your emotions like an iron fist leaves you with a perpetual lump in your throat, sobbing uncontrollably and in sadness.

What would it be like to know that you can get through anything you set your mind to? How would your life be different if you were always able to turn to your faith? By awakening to this expanded perspective in life, you will have rooted a deeper meaning in yourself and your life.

When you no longer take the simple experiences for granted you have the ability to wake up to see the world through a different lens – a lens filled with colour, allowing you to see beauty in nature, people, and simple things all around you. The ordinary events of everyday life transform to ultimate gratitude for the littlest things. The colours of mother nature awaken your senses to experience the world in a way you never have before.

Every day is a gift. There is so much beauty, joy and happiness to experience in every moment, situation and interaction. After fully healing your grief, your eyes will be fully opened to see and realize the light and beauty within everyone you meet, every situation you find yourself in and every moment you are present. People around you will notice how the beauty of your spirit has been brought to the surface. And you will look into the future with excited anticipation knowing that everything to come is an opportunity for growth & adventure.



    During our weekly 1-hour sessions, we will dig deeply into finding out what is coming up for you, how you can heal and move through it, all your uncertainties, why this experience has happened, and how to implement tools to help you stay grounded, work on your breath, and clear out the blocks in your way.


    You will begin an intensive information filled experience with Laura as she will come directly to you, whether it be in the comfort of your own home, or destination of choice. Starting from the moment you two meet to the end of the 4th day you will have full access to her and her insights.


    (1 on 1 for a Year)

    Laura is your new best friend and will walk the journey with you every step of the way to awaken that light that is deep within. You will also be guided through your grieving process step by step in order to feel lighter, free, and excited about what life has to offer.