BRCA Coaching

The thought of losing your breasts brings up many emotions that are both positive and negative. You have many images, feelings, and emotions that are always in the back of your mind where you are feeling very lost and unsure of what to expect.

All the unanswered questions that keep replaying in your mind are almost making you dizzy. When you look in the mirror and touch yourself it mentally feels heartbreaking and distress starts to pour into you. The emotions that you’re already experiencing just thinking of yourself losing your breasts is devastating. As a women you are worried that your spirit will never be the same because apart of your identity as a woman will be missing and you’re having a hard time comprehending it all.

Memories flash into your head of the painful images your family members experienced with the loss of their breasts or of them trying to fight the terrible disease. Will you still feel like you have breasts even after reconstruction or will they feel as though there is a foreign object in your body? As a woman, our breasts are so very important because they allow us to connect to our femininity, where we feel so incredibly sexy, and also nurture our babies. To think that they will be removed in the days or months to come terrifies you. What terrifies you even more is that you will could get cancer and you have watched many people in your family and friends suffer the terrible painful disease. You feel as though you are doing the right thing and this is the absolute right decision for you, you’re certain about that.

You’re feeling so defeated, wondering if you are capable of going through this and whether or not you will even feel like a women again. The thought of being naked with someone else brings up insecure feelings of ugliness, unbeautiful, frightful like what if my scar looks hideous, and grotesque. What am I going to look like, will I look disfigured and not to mention the idea of feeling sexy is terrifying.

Is it even possible to be sexy after this experience? You can’t help but realize how your life will never be the same again.

On top of all this the surgery experience of going to the hospital, the physical pain associated with surgery, and waking up without breasts. Are you strong enough to handle it? you will never be able to experience breast feeding your children by going through with this.

The unending questions keep you up at night. Can I handle all of this deep down? Am I going to lose mobility in anyway after removing my breasts? Will I be able to exercise the same as before and how will it change? What is my body truly going to look like without breasts (and maybe nipples too)? Will there be any feeling left after they remove my nerve endings?

There is a little voice inside your head that won’t let you settle and your gut feeling is that you should be taking your life back by doing preventative surgery.

But, what’s more important – your breasts or the life ahead of you?

You don’t want to be diagnosed with cancer and you don’t want to lose your femininity. You have your whole life ahead of you, plus people and experiences that you value and love so much. There are people in your life that need you around to be healthy, vibrant, loving, nurturing, and alive for them. You wish you had some guidance.

Except you don’t have anyone in your life to talk to. You don’t want to be a burden to your friends, family, and loved ones with this major surgery. If only there were someone to turn to for support. Someone that has already been through their journey and can support you through yours.

“Laura is an invaluable resource for me to reach out to. She has helped on many levels to guide me up, over and down a difficult speed bump life has presented to me. Without her support this challenge would be a daunting journey. Hen I couldn’t wrap my head around it she brought things into focus. Forever I will be grateful.” -Kimberly Sandtner

You are in luck. I am here to stand by your side during every step of the process with you. Not only will I open my heart to you and guide you with my expertise and experience, but I will also comfort you as you move through your questions and fears.

I provide the guidance you need to emotionally, mentally and physically go through your testing and preventative surgery.

This is a program to prepare you for your journey carrying the BRCA gene mutation. I personally wish I had this program before my surgery. I would have given anything to have the support of someone who had already faced their process as I journeyed through mine.

While progressing through this experience, I will be guiding you through a transformation within yourself. I am a very open person and will be telling you exactly what will be happening and not sugar coat the operation. You will start to recognize what is truly important in life and how being proactive with your health will let you take your life back. You will learn that the patterns you were living before no longer serve you and will open up your eyes to a different view of life. You will start to love and learn more about your body than before and understand that you can be sexy with or without your breasts.

I feel sexier than I ever did before my Preventative double mastectomy. My new breasts have become a part of me that I am proud of which empower me as a women. I have been given the gift of taking my life back knowing I won’t be suffering like my Aunts, Grandfather and Mother that carried the BRCA1 gene mutation. Now I can share my experiences, courageous story, surgery details & mindset strategies with others to make their own journeys much easier while I can comfort them during the unknown.

Coaching Packages

  • 6 Week Program

    During this 6-week program you will experience: guidance, honesty, support, and shift your perspective about your health. You will also tap into the true reason behind why you made the decision for heading on your path to preventative surgery. Most importantly you will be clear in what is ahead for you during your personal BRCA journey.

  • VIP in Depth 4 Day Intensive

    During this 4-day Intensive, I will come to you 2 days before your surgery to prepare you both mentally and emotionally for your operation. We will walk through the procedure, as well as what you will need to expect the day of surgery and after.