My Story

Growing up, I had an incredibly close relationship with my Mom. My entire family other than one aunt has already past away so it made my bond with my Mother very close where we were best friends.

When I was just 24 years old my Mom got diagnosed for the third time with cancer resulting only 3-6 months to live. I was her caregiver until the end and watched her take her last breath in the comfort of our own home. In that moment my entire life changed. I didn’t know where to turn to next.

I made a promise to my mom during the last few hours of her life that I would make her proud and live my life fully.

Every day I was riding waves of emotions with complete uncertainty about what direction to turn. The catalyst that turned me to a higher power was my consciousness in the awareness of synchronicities, and hidden messages that were clearly showing up for me on a continuous bases. I found my answers in books, nature, dreams, and in even random conversations. I believed there was something greater out there and if I trusted in myself without playing the victimization role I could move forward. I learned through books that everything is energy and love and it is a cycle of life that never dies. I listened to my intuition and “gut feeling” always trusting that everything would work out the way it was supposed to.

When I turned 27 I got tested for the BRCA gene mutation because I knew how important my health was and both my aunts, grandfather and my mother were positive for the BRCA 1 gene mutation. This meant that I would have an 85% chance of getting breast cancer and a 65% chance of getting ovarian so when I tested positive I removed both my breasts at 28.

My journey going through the loss of my breasts lead me to being an advocate for BRCA awareness and helping women through their own mastectomies. Then I knew that I could do more which has lead me to discover my gift, purpose and mission in life which is a spiritual grief coach.

All of this has brought me to the place that I am now and has lead me on this path so I am able to help others go through their personal grief of losing a loved one.

I’ve trained side by side with some of the world’s best… such as John Maxwell & Gabby Bernstein. ?

And even travelled all the way to India to seek the truth about grief at One World Academy where others like Tony Robbins & Lewis Howes have trained.

Laura Kelly with John Maxwell

Laura Kelly with Gabby Bernstein

This journey has lead me out of the darkness to finding and living by a strength that allows me to now guide women to experience lives that are full of purpose, happiness, and joy.

The rainbow has been a big part in my life as it always shows up in the right place, at the right time, to guide me in the right direction. My heart is open to sharing this rainbow with you and support you in moving you forward to live the fulfilled life you are destined for.