Breakups stink, don’t they?

Today I’m coming to you with 6 ways to grieve the loss of a relationship.

Are you going through a breakup right now? Well, breakups suck, don’t they? I mean your other half is now no longer in your life, and you know we’re having a hard time moving through that loss. Today I’m going to share with you six tips that will help you move through the loss of a relationship.

Grieving the End of a Relationship Tip #1
Tip number one is to feel all feelings. Don’t run away from your feelings. Your feelings are important. And again, we need to feel our feelings to heal. So let them out. Cry, be angry, get upset. I would suggest writing in a journal. Journaling is amazing. It’s a form of therapy, and it lets you get all of those thoughts down on paper.

Grieving the End of a Relationship Tip #2
Tip number two is to workout and get outside. Getting your endorphins pumping after heartbreak is recommended and for a good reason. Going for a run or doing anything active can reduce the stress that you’re experiencing and boost your mood. We can also tend to get in our minds when we’ve gone through a loss of a relationship and ask yourself all these things like why, what if, all of that. When we move our body, we can get out of our head and more into our body, and that’s so good for us.

Grieving the End of a Relationship Tip #3
Tip number three is gratitude. We all have something to be grateful for, and we tend to go to a negative mindset when we’ve gone through a loss of a relationship, and we think of all the things that we don’t have. I encourage you to make a gratitude list of all the things that you truly are grateful for. I mean, I’m sure you’re thankful for your family and your friends that are there for you during the breakup. You’re grateful for the water that you drink. There’s always something to be truly thankful for in life.

Grieving the End of a Relationship Tip #4
Tip number four is to change the music that you’re listening to. We tend to listen to sad songs and things that are really emotional when we’ve gone through loss. The best thing we can do is erase all of those songs and start downloading something inspiring or calming, uplifting. Music is amazing for our bodies, especially when we’ve gone through a loss of a breakup.

Grieving the End of a Relationship Tip #5
Number five, let them go. Let them go. Delete their phone number from your phone. Delete them from social media because you know that you’re going to go on your social media and something from them is going to pop up and it’s going to upset you. Also, be aware of the toxic gossip that can happen after going through a loss of a relationship. We tend to talk negatively and gossip about that person, but that does not serve us at all after losing that relationship you were just in.

Grieving the End of a Relationship Tip #6
Number six is my favorite, love yourself. Love you. This is a time for you to discover who you truly are without that person, time for you to tap into what you want out of your life, what your hobbies are, how you want to feel. This is a time to love you. Show compassion to yourself. Show yourself self-care. Go out and be with your friends. And be with you. Love yourself.

These are a few tips that will help you. They’ve helped me through my past relationships. If these were of service to you, I would love for you to subscribe to my channel, and I wish you all the best luck through the loss of your relationship. You can do this. You are amazing. And you have so much to give someone else that is worthy of your love. So much love to you.

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