5 (Clear) Signs A Deceased Loved One Is Near

I am bringing you something incredible!

This is something I’m so passionate about because our loved ones that have transitioned, they’re always trying to look for ways to connect with us. And the more conscious we are, the more we will see them show up in these 5 different ways that I’m going to be sharing with you right now.

#1 Signs A Deceased Loved One Is Near 
Our senses seem to be more intense. So this could be sound, touch, taste, smell. So for example, all of a sudden you have this strong scent of your loved one’s perfume or cologne, and you could be walking through your house and then it’s like they just sprayed it. That is them sending you a sign that they’re there, that they’re supporting you. And this happens to me all the time. I feel like my mom is just spraying her perfume and I’m walking right through it, and I’m like, oh hi mom. Pretty cool.

#2 Signs A Deceased Loved One Is Near 
Number two is that our electronics suddenly malfunction. This could be like they’re not working, they’re not turning on, and then they’ll go completely dead or then all of a sudden they work. Or it could be the radio. They could even actually come through the radio and whisper something to you. Or they might even send you a song. Maybe it’s the favorite song that they loved or a song that the two of you shared.

#3 Signs A Deceased Loved One Is Near 
Number three is you feel them. You feel their presence. You can’t see them, but you feel them. You might even feel them touching and brushing the side of your cheek, or maybe they went by you, and you felt them gaze across your arm. You could even feel like a cold breeze like a draft that you feel like there’s a window open and then it’s just a whoosh of a cold breeze. That is them showing you that they are there.

#4 Signs A Deceased Loved One Is Near 
Number four is dreams, and this happens all the time. I have multiple visits from my loved ones in my dreams. And before I go to sleep and I’m looking for a message, maybe I want to communicate with them, I ask them before I go to sleep and I say, “Please come into my dream. I need some guidance.”

#5 Signs A Deceased Loved One Is Near 
Number five is universal signs. This happens all the time. On my wedding day I actually stood up, and I made a speech, and I said to everyone I said, “My mother and father they are not here in the physical form, but they are here spiritually.” And when I was a little girl, I asked my mom if she would walk me down the aisle to Somewhere Over the Rainbow, the song. Well, all of a sudden everybody was gasping. I turned around, and I had a double rainbow. It was the perfect double rainbow I have ever seen, and that was the gift from my parents on my wedding day. Spirit is always trying to connect with us.

5:55 Be aware of these 5 different signs I just shared with you today, and I would love to hear from you. What signs from spirit do you get? Please share down below in the comments. What shows up for you? Is it butterflies? Is it rainbows? Do they come through on the radio? What is it that you receive from spirit?

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